Packing Tips for Your Holiday Getaways

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It’s fall folks and you know what that means… holidays are fast approaching!  Now that the autumn leaves are falling, tis the season where many of us are packing up our bags and heading back home for the holidays or if we are one of the lucky ones (which I am not), you’re off to a luxurious destination to get some well-deserved R&R.

However before your mind wonders away to the warm, sandy beaches of the Caribbean or to the sweet smells of Holiday home cooking – let’s not forget you’re not there yet!  Chances are if you are as busy as I am during the work week, you’ve got lots of things to take care of before you can wave bon voyage to your co-workers for some time away. With that said, the soon awaiting trip may bring panic among some on what to pack.  Fortunately I have that covered with my list of this seasons traveling necessities – hope you and your travel buddies find these quick travel tips helpful! J

Let’s talk essentials ladies — here are the must haves for this years holiday traveling…

Electronics – Remembering to pack your cell phone and its charger seems a little self-explanatory however you’d be surprised how many people accidentally leave home without them during the shuffle of zipping away fast.  I recommend packing all of your electronics the night before you leave and definitely in your carry-on i.e. iPod, pad, laptop, e-reader, etc.   You should also bring all of the chargers for the items you carry on.  The best rule of thumb to ensure you have everything you will need for each device is to keep all electronics with their respective chargers.

Comfy Clothes – When I’m traveling all I want to be is comfy, comfy, comfy!! It’s important to always pack at least one outfit that is breathable, soft, and stretchy – this includes undergarments! There is nothing like uncomfortable underwear on a long trip.  I wore yoga pants and hanky panky boyshort undies on my last big trip and let me tell you… HEAVENLY!

Hand Sanitizer & Antibacterial wipes – Hand sanitizer is always a good one to have because you never know when you’re going to get a chance to wash your hands at the airport or during flight, now you don’t have to! Not to mention the amount of germs floating around most airports would probably be enough to alert hazard control.  Also, I always make sure to bring with my Clorox wipes just incase the hotel needs a little wipe down, or there is a spillage in route of travel.

 Makeup & Cosmetics– I know we all want to look ravishing while traveling, however it is a good rule of thumb to be practical while you pack.  Getting too creative with your makeup will only lead to broken powders and lost foundations.  Pack makeup you use on a daily basis and add in a little for special holiday occasions.  My recommendation is to invest in one eye-shadow palette as opposed to tons of loose shadows.  Pick shades that are fool-proof, neutral eye shadows, natural blushes, a great bronzer and everyday lip colors and you’ll be ready to go for every occasion on your trip!

To leave you with one last bit of advice – I always tend to want to pack extras that I might  think I will use because I am going on vacation.  However if you don’t use it daily, or even monthly you for sure won’t need it!  Essentials are the key to making any trip the most enjoyable.  Keep it simple & you’ll have a blast. Bon Voyage!


A Few Simple Travel Preparation Tips

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When you prepare for a trip to another state or country, you want to be organized when you pack because this takes the stress out of travel preparation and if you pack at least three to four weeks before the trip, you will not have a lot to do on the day you head to the airport or bus station. You should research the city or country you plan to visit before the trip starts because you can find out which places you want to see and if certain festivities are within your budget.

Pack Lightly

Most airports have strict guidelines on the size of your luggage and which items you can pack in the suitcase so if you want to avoid delays at the airport, it is important that you pack light for the trip. You want to include extra outfits for emergency purposes, your camera, foreign-language phrasebook, emergency toiletries and one or two toys for the kids when they get bored. Of course, don’t forget equipment and such that you might need for exploring your destination.  You can find lightweight flashlights, gps receivers and other useful safety equipment from a store that specializes in pilot supplies.  You should also purchase a suitcase with wheels as this makes getting around the airport easier.

Pack Seasonally

Another thing you should do is pack according to the season you are in. If it is December and you are traveling to Boston, you know it will be cold and sometimes snowy there so you should pack adequate amounts of cats, gloves, sweaters and turtlenecks for the trip. Also include one heavy coat and two pairs of warm boots as well as socks.

Roll The Clothes

If your suitcase has limited space, you should roll up your clothes to reduce wrinkling and so you can fit most of your clothing. If you have some very large clothing items that you cannot up, pack these in a separate suitcase with larger space.

Remember What You Cannot Bring In The Luggage

You should also contact the airport and find out which items you cannot bring in your luggage and the bag you plan to take with you on the airplane. This is important because the workers at the airport have strict guidelines on these types of items and you do not want to hold up the line for this reason.

Bring Important Documents

You should pack your important documents such as medical insurance papers, your passport, and other documents you may need in the event of an emergency. This is especially true if you are traveling to another country.

Avoid Packing Expensive Items

You do not want to pack expensive jewelry or high-tech gadgets such as your Mac computer or iPad because these put you at risk of being the victim of crime. After all, the purpose of your trip is to enjoy yourself or your loved ones and your e-mails can wait for a few days.

First Aid Items Are Essential

Another important thing to bring is the first aid kit because you will need this if you come across an emergency medical situation. Carry Band-Aids, your prescriptions, rubbing alcohol and a bag of cotton balls. You should also bring insect repellent with you on the trip.

Don’t Forget The Debit and Credit Cards

This is important because you need a supplement to the cash you plan to spend and worldwide Visa and Mastercards are accepted. Before the trip you should pay down as much of the credit card debt as possible so you will be able to use the card. In conclusion, when you pack ahead of time and wisely, you will have less stress at the airport and on the trip. You can focus more on having a good time.


Cruising In Mexico

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If you plan to go on a cruise in Mexico, the Mexican Riviera is the place to be because the Riviera is known for the beautiful coastline, ports and coastal towns, and you will love to walk along the Mexican Riviera’s cobblestone streets, which have an Old World feel to them. You will also like the white sandy beaches and pristine blue waters that will make you want to swim around in it. Cabo San Lucas is also a great stop on this cruise because you can see the desert area and the water that surrounds it.


This is an exciting place to stop on the cruise because there are opportunities to go scuba diving and surfing, and this is especially great for graduating seniors who want to have fun before the big day. In addition, you can savor authentic Mexican meals such as fish tacos, ceviche and homemade quesadillas while you enjoy yourself.

Puerto Vallarta

This well-known tourist destination along the Mexican Riviera has become a favorite for those who need to relax and while this city is mostly a seaside haven, in recent years huge urbanization occurred and you are likely to find a five-star hotel here that is equipped with beautiful suites overlooking the beaches. You will also find a few places in Puerto Vallarta where you can find karaoke bars and sports bars but these are not recommended for those who want to savor real Mexican culture.

Tips for Visiting The Mexican Riviera

You want to book your trip a few weeks ahead of time because you may be able to get a discount on airfare and hotel accommodations. Another thing you want to do is carry water purification tablets because although you will be safe in drinking the water on the ship, the water around town may not be safe. Another thing you want to bring is hand sanitizer

Where To Look for The Best Spots Along The Mexican Riviera

If you are not on a cruise but you want to enjoy the Mexican Riviera, there are several ways to do this. One idea is to talk with relatives who have been to the Mexican Riviera and ask them for suggestions. Another idea is to read some online articles on nightlife, cultural events and restaurants along the Mexican Riviera before you arrive in Mexico.

Xcaret Park

This park is located near Playa del Carmen and is an ecological treat for nature lovers because you will find archaeological sites and animals such as parakeets and jaguars. You will also find cultural events that focus on the traditional history of Mexico and its’ people.

Maroma Resort and Spa

This hotel along the Mexican Riviera is luxurious with a 200-acre jungle that showcases Mexico’s natural beauty. You will find a beachfront area here and among the animals you can watch include parrots, ducks, iguanas, wild birds and panthers. The pathways are lit beautifully at night and it has nice stucco buildings with fancy rooms on the inside.

The Mexican Riviera has beautiful places to see and the activities on the cruise are fun and at times, family-friendly. When you go on a Mexican cruise along the Riviera, you get to experience traditional Mexican culture and the hospitality that the natives offer you. Remember to plan for the trip ahead of time and take health products with you in the event of emergencies. Depending on the cruise you choose, you may be along the Riviera for less than a week or for at least two weeks.

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Top Spots In The African Continent

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Top Spots in Africa

One top spot in Africa is the Etosha National Park in Namibia. This park is a wildlife lover’s dream for several reasons. The Okaukeujo Lodge is a fabulous accommodation that reminds you of a home in the middle of a safari. At night you will see animals ranging from the black rhinoceros to plenty of elephants and antelopes. The Halali waterhole in this park has beautiful and tall Mopane trees on the outside of it and here you can view the many graceful leopards and elephants around the park. The Natumoni lodge where you can take photos of the wildlife in the park and the vegetation looks fantastic.

Sahara Desert

So many books and songs have been written about the Sahara Desert and it is easy to see why. What some people may not know about the Sahara Desert is that the natural resources here are plenty and these resources include oil, natural gas and minerals such as iron and phosphate. Water is another important natural resource here. Some popular reptiles you will find in the Sahara are snakes, lizards and tortoises.

Aswan Egypt

Aswan is Egypt’s sunniest southern city and is situated near the historic and beautiful Nile river. This city has a relaxing pace of life and it has all the features of traditional African culture with some Arabic influences. You will also like the amber stones and granite rocks that lie near the Nile River and you will also love the colorful tropical plants and palm groves. You can also listen to Nubian-influenced musical performances at the city’s Cultural Center. There are some mosques you can visit that will remind you of ancient times and Elephantine Island has plenty f artifacts from the pre-Dynastic eras.

Kruger National Park in South Africa

This is South Africa’s oldest national park and it offers a few good safari packages for tourists. The Classic Safari includes a chance to see sightings of huge lions, elephants that move gracefully around the park, and a few Tawny eagles. Other animals to look out for are the giraffes, zebras and tigers. On the second day of the safari you will get a chance to hear the birds call out to each other and you will also see a few hyenas as they make startling sounds.

Victoria Falls

This legendary waterfall is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe and is considered a must-see by African travel experts. It is also a United Nations World Heritage Site and its’ flowing waters are pristine and beautiful to view and take photos of.  People come here to go canoeing and there are also safari activities not far from this waterfall. Not far from Victoria Falls are a few restaurants and shopping destinations and you can also enjoy the craft market in this area.

Egyptian Pyramids

These pyramids stand as statures of beauty and have stood the test of time for thousands of years. This would make for a good history lesson if you are taking your children to Egypt for a summer vacation.

Accra Ghana

This West African country has existed for thousands of years starting with the nomadic tribes and various ethnic groups that made their way to Ghana. Nowadays Accra is a cosmopolitan African city and between the 1960s and early 80s, it along with Nigeria was a hub for funky West African music known as “Afrobeat.”

Africa is such a huge continent that it could take many years or even decades before we fully discover the riches of the place. If you are lucky enough to travel abroad one day, you should consider these hotspots in Africa.

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